From Our Family to Yours: Congrats, Future Parents!

Bank of America analysts suggest that U.S. pandemic protocol may have caused the next baby boom.

(Pssst… Looking at you stay-at-home orders and curfews.)

Analysts pointed to three facts that indicate a millennial baby boom could be upon us.

Among them, birth rates are higher, and pregnancy test sales are soaring.

And in response to a monthly BofA survey, more people than ever—11.3% of ~1,000 respondents—said yes, they would be TTC within the next 12 months—or were already expecting!

Big business’s bottom line

To this, major media promptly printed a series of oh-so-tastelessly-titled articles.

  • “Sales of pregnancy tests are on the rise. That’s good news for retailers like Walmart and Target, Bank of America says.” – Nov. 9, 2021

  • “A millennial baby boom could be on the way, and it’s likely to boost sales at Walmart, Target, and dollar stores, analysts say.” – Nov. 11, 2021

Really? That’s the takeaway?

Congratulations Big Business, your future bottom line, earnings reports and revenue look just swell….

Huh? Really?

One could argue they’re just reporting what was said. But really?

New life in these numbers

Jack Kelly, a Forbes Senior Contributor, got it right: “The Millie Baby Boom is one of the best pieces of news we’ve received recently,” he wrote.

“It’s the sign we needed, indicating that young people are excited about our collective future. This could usher in a new age of prosperity and positive changes.”

And besides—pregnancy test sales are tracked? All $100-million-dollars worth? Wowza.

Where a typical year’s average increase in pregnancy test sales has been closer to two percent per year from 2016 to 2019, this year, pregnancy tests are up 6.5 times that amount, at 13% year-over-year.

FOXBusiness says that equates to $100-million dollars in pregnancy tests sold over the past 13 weeks.

$1.1-million worth of pregnancy tests sold daily for 91 days.

There’s a lot of new life hidden in those numbers.

So from our small family to yours, congratulations!

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