10 Uniquely Cute & Cozy Venues for a Baby Sprinkle


If a close friend or family member is expecting a baby, you’ll want to throw them the best baby shower or baby sprinkle ever. And as you start planning out all the fun, you’ll need to pick a location.

You can choose to have your location determine a lot of what you’ll do at the shower or sprinkle, or to have what you plan to do at it determine its location.

Either choice tends to work well as long as the event feels cozy and complete.

A baby shower for a first child is typically thrown at either the host’s or the expecting mother’s house, but many moms-to-be seek out other locations. Baby sprinkles are thrown for seasoned mothers and when their second or third baby is on the way, they prefer to shake things up and have a gathering that isn’t as traditional as their first baby shower.

Some of the best places for a baby shower or baby sprinkle are:

  1. Home, where the heart is
  2. Mom’s favorite restaurant
  3. A botanical garden
  4. A public park
  5. Community centers or banquet halls
  6. Take her to church
  7. Theme park
  8. Bed & Breakfast or AirBNB
  9. Cozy barn
  10. Clubhouse or country club

01. Home, Where The Heart Is

When it comes to planning a baby shower, many new mothers prefer to have the gathering in either their home or the host’s home. They’re bringing a new member of the family into the world, so they would like to celebrate that life in a more intimate setting. Home is also their place of comfort, so a lot of mothers couldn’t imagine their location being anywhere different.

However, not every host or mother-to-be wants to have their baby shower at home for a number of reasons:

  • After-party mess
  • Not enough space
  • Limited seating
  • Poor weather could limit outdoor activities
  • The host may be uncomfortable inviting so many guests into their home

If you or mom don’t have the room to accommodate everyone you plan to invite, you may need to start searching for other locations.

Here are the best spots away from home to host a baby shower or sprinkle:

02. Mom’s Favorite Restaurant

Many restaurants have a private section reserved for parties. If mom’s favorite restaurant has the space to host a baby shower, then this may be a prime choice. One of the best parts of booking a baby shower at a restaurant is that the menu is already taken care of, which basically checks off two big things on your to-do list at once.

Think about how happy the expecting mother will be when she sees the array of food choices from her favorite restaurant. It’s also one of the easiest ways to keep everyone on the guest list happy as well.

If your baby shower is planned to be more intimate, you may only need to book a few tables. Most restaurants are very accommodating and may have table decorations already in stock if you ask ahead of time. Make sure to book your reservations as soon as possible to ensure you get the restaurant of your choice.

03. Botanical Garden

What better way to celebrate a new life coming into the world than at a location where plant life is blooming all around you? Of course, this setting is only appropriate during warmer months. If there is a public botanical garden in your area, it could be one of the new mother’s preferred choices. Why is that?

  1. Best viewings in the area
  2. Relaxing
  3. Smells amazing
  4. Endless possibilities

04. Public Park

While the idea of a botanical garden may seem ideal, we realize it may not be accessible for everyone. If you have a larger party, you may find hosting a baby shower in a park more enjoyable. This way you can still connect with nature, but also have enough space for everyone on the list.

Parks also provide you with more options to set your own theme for the event. You can get as creative as you like. However, you may need to be more selective with what food options you choose for this event and stick to cold foods. That doesn’t mean you can’t make things fancy. Many expecting mothers love the idea of a picnic in the park.

As long as the weather is on your side, you can’t go wrong with an event in a public park. There’s plenty of room for baby shower games and activities, and there are so many options with what you can do. 

05. Community Center or Banquet Hall

Some hosts are on edge about planning a baby shower in an outdoor setting because you never know what the weather has in store. If you’re set on a date, then booking the event at a community center or banquet hall is an excellent route to go. This is especially true if the baby shower is hosted during winter.

Many hosts love the idea of this setting because it’s a lot more affordable than some of the other public areas. They are spacious enough to invite as many guests as you please, and still have room for activities. You are basically starting from a blank canvas, so you can do whatever you like with the decorations.

There are also a lot more options when it comes to food choices. Some banquet halls may have their own cooks and menu to work with, but you may be responsible for bringing your own. If their menu isn’t what you had in mind you can do nearly anything you want, like catering or potluck for example.

06. Take Her to Church

If the new parents are religious, hosting the baby shower in a church hall could be very sentimental. Many places of worship have additional rooms for functions such as these. Similar to hosting a baby shower at a banquet hall, you will be responsible for the decor, food, and beverages.

07. Theme Park

A theme park may not have even crossed your mind as a suitable place to host a baby shower, but it can actually be one of the best. Hear us out here! If there is a theme park nearby, they probably have an area or gathering section which people can reserve for parties.

While they are normally used for birthday or retirement parties, your baby shower is not exempt from the list. It may not be the best idea for the expecting mother to take a ride on the roller coaster, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of fun activities for her to take part in. Some of the things an expecting will enjoy about a theme park baby shower are:

  • Games
  • Musical acts
  • Events and shows
  • Viewing attractions
  • So many different food options

08. Bed & Breakfast or AirBNB

If the mother-to-be has friends or relatives that have to travel in order to attend her special event, hosting the baby shower at a bed and breakfast might be the right choice. Many bed and breakfast establishments have a section reserved for meetings or gatherings. These rooms can be used to host an elegant baby shower, while also providing out-of-town guests with a place to stay.

09. Cozy Barn

If you take a look at baby showers and wedding events on Pinterest, it seems like the rustic theme is more popular than ever. Cozy barns have become one of the most popular settings for modern baby showers. There’s spacious and almost every type of decor looks good in them. Many mothers love the idea of cozy barn baby showers because they make the ideal photo shoot setting. 

10. Clubhouse or Country Club

If you would like to host a baby shower that has the intimate setting of home without actually having to host it in your home, then a clubhouse booking is your next best option. A lot of the stress of planning will be taken off of your hands if you choose a clubhouse for the baby shower.

This is because they have many private yet spacious rooms to choose from and usually have some of the nicest decorations. On top of that, there is usually a good variety of food and beverage options to choose from as well. Your guest will be impressed with this fancy, yet intimate setting. 

Final Thoughts: 10 Uniquely Cute & Cozy Venues for Baby Sprinkle

Planning a baby shower or baby sprinkle doesn’t have to be stressful. Once you settle on a location, the rest tends to start falling into place. These are 10 of the best places to host a baby shower that are sure to impress mom and her guests.

Before choosing the perfect spot, consider everything that you plan on doing and having at your event. Everything from the theme and decor, to what you’d like to do and eat, as well as entertainment.

Since a baby shower or sprinkle is one of the most important celebrations in a couple’s life, it deserves a uniquely beautiful setting.

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