Baby Sprinkle 101: Who? What? When? Where? And Why?


Having a baby shower or virtual baby shower for a firstborn is not only traditional but is also a lot of fun and help for the newly expectant mother.

Mom will be showered with a ton of useful gifts that are essential to welcoming her new bundle of joy into their home when the time comes.

But what if this is her second, third, or fourth baby, and she already has a lot of the stuff she’ll need because she saved it from her first baby?

That’s where a “Baby Sprinkle” or “Virtual Baby Sprinkle” comes in.

Let me lead into this by saying that baby showers and baby sprinkles are both uber personal events and that, more than anything else, it’s actually you, mama, who makes the call and sets the tone and agenda for the day.

That said, these are really just hopefully helpful suggestions.

This isn’t soccer.

There are no rules.

But here are some loose traditions that are worth being aware of.

Differences Between a Baby Shower and a Baby Sprinkle

🍼 Who for?Baby #1Babies #2, #3, #4….
🍼 Tone of the day?Elaborate and/or extravagantLaidback and light on labor
🍼 Where held?At homeAt home, a park, or mom’s fav restaurant
🍼 Gifts?TonsA bit less
🍼 Games?YesSure. Mom’s call.
🍼 Guests?50 – 200About ¼ of the shower’s guests
🍼 Food & Drink?LavishLight
🍼 Length?3-4 hours1-2 hours
🍼 Invites?Yes. Printed is best.Yes. Digital is all right.
🍼 Registry?Must-haveOptional
🍼 Theme?Traditionally focuses on babyTraditionally focuses on mom
🍼 Is virtual an option?YesYes

A baby sprinkle is generally considered a smaller and more toned-down version of a traditional baby shower and is best for parents who don’t quite need or want to have a full-blown baby shower.

It’s common for people who already have children or who like to do all of their own baby shopping.

It’s also an excellent way for parents who have just adopted their first baby to share their joy with family and friends without having to plan a large event.

Having a baby sprinkle allows the expectant parents to send invites, receive gifts and guests, and honor the newborn and the mother bringing him or her into the world. They’re just done in a more petite fashion than a traditional shower is.

A baby sprinkle usually involves having your closest friends and loved ones by your side while you celebrate the new life you’re expecting.

Baby Sprinkle vs. Baby Shower

The concepts behind a baby shower and a baby sprinkle are basically the same, but there are a few variances that separate a baby sprinkle from a baby shower, aside from the abundance of much-needed baby diapers that normally arrive.

The most significant difference is that baby showers are typically thrown for moms that are expecting their first baby, whereas a baby sprinkle is more geared towards the second, third or even fourth child.

Some of the differences between a baby shower and a baby sprinkle include:

  • The baby sprinkle may have fewer guests than a baby shower
  • Fewer preparations are usually done or required, with less food and beverages, and fewer activities
  • Baby sprinkles are usually a shorter event than a baby shower is, making it easier on the expectant mother
  • And since there will be fewer guests, there may also be fewer gifts

Of course, you can certainly up-end all of these traditions and plan whatever grand sprinkle you want, but it’s helpful to at least know that typically speaking, that’s what differentiates a shower and a sprinkle.

Want to go all-out and throw a baby sprinkle that’s even bigger than your shower was? Dive right in. It’s your world and your guests will very likely be more than happy to participate.

Generally speaking, a baby sprinkle is low-key and offers the expectant parents an opportunity to share their excitement with a select small(er) group of loved ones.

How Do You Plan A Baby Sprinkle?

Even though you are not planning a full-blown baby shower, you’ll still need to do at least some simple planning. You can choose whether or not you want to have a theme against which the invitations and party favors can coordinate, or if you’d just like to keep it minimal.

And just because you are going smaller doesn’t mean it needs to be boring or basic.

You can make your baby sprinkle as fun as you want it to be, including a few games and even cupcakes that allow the guests to guess whether you are expecting a boy or girl!

The host will typically take care care of most of the planning for your baby sprinkle. But if you have something in mind, be sure to share that with whoever will be putting everything together.

(For more on this, please see 21 Tips for Hosting a Perfect Virtual Baby Shower (#VBS))

Who Is The Host For A Baby Sprinkle? 

In many cases, the expecting parents will host their own baby sprinkle since they want it to remain small. However, it isn’t uncommon for a friend or close family member to host the expectant mom’s baby sprinkle.

If you choose to allow somebody else to host your baby sprinkle, make sure you convey your wishes upfront. You may want to give them a list they can follow so that your baby sprinkle turns out precisely the way you had hoped.

Here are some suggestions of what to give your host:

  • Tell them the number of guests you plan to invite, including names and contact details.
  • Let them know if you want to have baby favors or send gifts to the attendees.
  • Decide what light snacks and drinks there will be at your baby sprinkle.
  • Inform the host of the day and time that you want the event to take place.
  • Let them know how long you want your baby sprinkle to last.

Note: In general, a baby sprinkle normally lasts somewhere between 1 to 2 hours from start to finish.

Who You Should Invite To A Baby Sprinkle

How many people are invited to a baby sprinkle and who they are depends on the expecting parents. Unlike traditional baby showers, where it is customary to invite maybe 20 to 25 people, a baby sprinkle typically has about 10 guests.

There are no hard and fast rules, so a better rule of thumb is that a Baby Sprinkle for your 2nd, 3rd, 4th child, typically has about one-fourth (¼) the amount of guests you had at a Baby Shower for your firstborn.

A baby sprinkle is a more intimate event that usually includes the mothers of both expectant parents, any siblings, long-term friends, and relatives that have been a part of their lives for an extended amount of time.

The guests should be close family and friends, but not necessarily colleagues or social friends.

Again, it’s also your call entirely. We’re simply telling you what’s considered traditional.

Can You Play Games At A Baby Sprinkle?

Since a baby sprinkle is meant to be a smaller version of the traditional baby showers that can easily last up to four hours, you’ll want to plan your baby sprinkle according to what matters most to mom and/or both expecting parents.

It’s customary for presents to be opened at the sprinkle regardless of it being smaller. But if you requested gift cards or no gifts at all, then you’ll be able to plan some fun games that can be thrown in during the course of the baby sprinkle.

Do You Serve Food At A Baby Sprinkle? 

This comes down to personal preference. Some people enjoy having a themed event where the food matches the sprinkle’s color scheme and motif and is available throughout the entire sprinkle. But since your sprinkle is a bit more limited in time, don’t feel pressured to host a full-blown banquet.

Light snacks and refreshments are perfect.

You’ll want to mention the snack scene on your invitations just so your guests don’t starve themselves to save room for your 5-star dishes only to show up expecting a more lavish spread.

But there’s a big “but” worth mentioning. Actually centering your baby sprinkle around a nice park or backyard brunch can be a really great creative way to make it super unique. Your call.

Can You Have A Virtual Baby Sprinkle?

Absolutely! This can be a great way to include family or close friends that might live abroad or are traveling at the time of your baby sprinkle.

You can host your virtual baby sprinkle over Zoom or pick from one of the best Virtual Baby Shower Websites, here.

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