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7 Natural Ways to Get Rid of Ants… Effectively

by Ashley Johnson

Yes, ants are tiny, but the unease they can cause is not a result of their size. It’s a result of their numbers… and they may be everywhere in the house already.

Unless you do something to control their population, your house may soon be invaded by a colony of ants which is not a good sign. Their presence means damage to the house and contamination of food. Some of their species, like the Fire and Harvester, are notorious for biting people and animals, often causing unbearable pain.

Since ants are not contributing to making your home a better place to live, the best thing will be to get rid of them as soon as possible. Various chemical spray products are available in the market, but we found natural ways to be more effective and environmentally safe for human beings, other insects, and animals.

How to Get Rid of Ants Naturally

Following are seven natural ways to get rid of ants effectively that you can try right now and get results.

1. Peppermint

You may love the fresh smell of peppermint, but ants absolutely hate it. Therefore, you can use it as a simple yet effective way to repel invasive ants in your home. Just plant a few of them as forts around your home and entryways to keep the ants away. You can also sprinkle peppermint oil where ants are more likely to reside in your home.  

2. White Vinegar

Like peppermint, ants can’t stand the pungent smell of white vinegar. Additionally, it weakens the scent trails that attract them to your house. The rule of thumb is to mix equal portions of vinegar and water as a solution. Spraying the mixture directly on the ants kills them. Or you can just sprinkle it in their pathways to deter them from your house. The mixture might not smell pleasant to you either, but it will be gone in less than an hour. 

3. Lemons (and Oranges)

For ants, sugar or anything that tastes sweet is a holy grail. But anything bitter or sour is not on their wishlist; this is where lemons and oranges effectively get rid of ants. These fruits contain citric acids that prevent the growth of food sources for ants. So it’s as easy as squeezing a few lemon drops or placing lemon peels where the ants frequent the most.

You can also mix lemon juice and water in a 1:3 ratio to make your DIY ant-repellant spray. Then, just spray it around or use it to wipe the area clean so that your home remains ant-free.

4. Cinnamon

Cinnamon works like magic in getting rid of ants. First, they can’t stand its smell. When they inhale it, they die from suffocation. If there is a colony building up in your house, sprinkling ground cinnamon in the anthill will do the job of wiping them out completely. For convenience, you can use cinnamon essential oil that acts as a natural repellent, especially against the ants that bite. Follow the routine of spraying the mixture of cinnamon oil and water around your home, and you will never have a problem with ants.

5. Salt

There is nothing that can go wrong with salt. Just add a cup of salt to boiling water and let it dissolve. Once it cools down, transfer the salty mixture to a spray bottle and spray it where ants are most likely to appear. Voilà! No more ants!

6. Chalk

Drawing a line of chalk is mysteriously effective in keeping away the insects like cockroaches and ants. The calcium carbonate in the chalk makes it difficult for the ants to follow the scent trails. Drawing a few lines here and there around your home will temporarily keep the ants away. Make sure you redraw the lines periodically as they fade away over time. 

7. Diatomaceous Earth (DE)

Diatomaceous Earth, silicon dioxide, is in powder form and works by breaking down the ants’ exoskeletons and dehydrating them by absorbing their oils. It is most effective for outdoor applications to eliminate the entire colony in an anthill. However, you can also use it indoors, like underneath the refrigerator, cabinets, cracks, and other places where ants appear.

Till the Ants Go Marching Again…

The best way to get rid of them is by eliminating their potential food sources. Always keep the food containers and packages properly sealed in the refrigerator. It starts with the proper cleanliness of your home, particularly the kitchen, where you might have left open something sweet for the ants to feast upon. Take out the garbage can before it turns into their home.

You don’t need to use any chemical to get rid of ants unless it is severe. If the ant infestation is beyond control, you may need to resort to chemical pesticides or seek professional help. 

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