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How to Use Self Tanner—The Easy Guide

by Ashley Johnson

If you want to look tanned but don’t want to risk exposing yourself to harmful UV rays, there is always a better way. You don’t have to stay in the sun anymore to get that nice golden skin tone.

With this easy-to-follow self-tanning guide, you will look like you have just returned from a vacation to a tropical island.

Even if you are just getting started with the tanning journey, we can help you transform yourself into a bronzed goddess in no time! You don’t have to worry about ending up with stripes. Thank us later.

How to Use Self Tanner

Getting a tan is like an artist giving a finishing touch to his artwork. Tanning should come as the last part of your beauty routine. Take care of everything that needs to be done so that nothing goes wrong when tanning.

Step 1: Shower and Exfoliate

Take time to shower thoroughly to get rid of oil and dirt from your face and body. There should not be any dead skin cells on your body; otherwise, you will end up with uneven patches.

The best way to get rid of those culprits is to get into a hot shower and exfoliate them with a scrub. You will know that you have done an excellent job when you feel fresh and smooth, especially around rough parts like elbows, knees, ankles, and heels.

This is a good time to shave your body hair for more incredible smoothness. Here’s an extra tip: finish the shower with cold water so that your pores close down to avoid dark spots.

Step 2: Moisturize

You may be tempted to apply the tan right away, but slow down here a little. Good things take time. Let your body dry off. Then, prepare your skin by applying a light moisturizer, especially in the dry areas; this smoothens the base that’s key to achieving an even tan.

Step 3: Apply Self-Tanner

This is the main event. For best results and smooth application, use a self-tanning mitt to protect your palms from unintended coloration.

We recommend you start tanning from bottom to up, but it depends upon your convenience. Choose the most accessible spot and start there. Apply a small amount of self tanner and use light, circular or vertical strokes to give a smooth finish. Move on to the next spot and repeat the same process.

You can dilute the tanner by mixing it with moisturizer for facial areas. Leave no area untouched. Be liberal with the quantity. Using too little tanner might give you stripes.

Of course, mistakes happen. You can always get rid of the excess tanner by lightly dabbing the patch with a damp towel.

Step 4: Wait For It To Dry

This is the easiest step, but it is also the test of your patience. All you need to do is nothing. Give it enough time to dry off to give you a natural-looking tan. The rule of thumb is to wait for at least 20 minutes before putting on your clothes. But it depends on the product.

Postpone your gym routine and shower for at least the next 12 hours to let the tan develop entirely. After that, you can use a blow-dryer on a low setting to accelerate the process.

Remember that it is a faux tan that will go away with shaving. Therefore, avoid your shaving routine unless it’s necessary at the risk of losing your hard-earned tan.

Step 5: Taking Care Of Your Tan

You can’t keep on self-tanning yourself every alternate day. But you can make it last longer by taking care of it.

Dry skin and self-tanner don’t go well together. Keep your skin fresh and smooth by applying moisturizer to boost that bronze tone. Self tanner is not a replacement for sun protection.

Always use a non-greasy moisturizing sunscreen before exposing yourself to the omnipresent UV rays.

Final Words

Voilà! There you have it. You just gave yourself a self-tan without breaking a sweat. Gone are the days of tanning beds and sunbathing to get a tan. Instead, you can go gold and bronze at home with some popular self-tanner products available in the market.

Whether it is summer or winter, self-tanner allows you to get that glow whenever and wherever you want. For beginners, it might be a bit confusing at first. But with practice and patience, you will soon master the art of self-tanning.

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