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How to (Actually) Get Rid of Under-Eye Dehydration Lines

by Ashley Johnson

Your skin starts to lose its elasticity with age, leading to natural–natural; as in, it’s okay if you have them–wrinkles under the eyes.

But environmental factors and sun exposure can also cause premature wrinkles, called dehydration lines.

The area under your eyes has thin blood vessels and skin, and thus it can easily form dehydration lines. You can address these lines by following several home remedies and preventive methods discussed in this guide.

Common Causes of Dehydration Lines Under Eyes:

a. UV Radiation

Exposure to harmful UV (Ultraviolet) radiations is the most common cause of dehydration lines. These UV rays can break down the main protein in your skin, called collagen, which is responsible for your facial structure. Sunless tanning beds and unprotected sun exposure can lead to premature wrinkles and leathery skin. Try a self-tanner instead.

b. Environmental Factors

Environmental factors like pollution, wind, and dry weather can also contribute to dehydration lines under your eyes.

c. Smoking

Smoking can also damage your skin’s collagen protein by exposing your skin to additional oxidative stress. It can also constrict your face’s blood vessels, which reduces the amount of vitamin A in your skin and limits average blood circulation. So not only can it lead to dehydration lines, but it can also damage your overall health.

d. Repetitive Facial Expression

Believe it or not, repetitive facial expressions such as furrowing your brow, frowning, and even smiling can form fine lines in your face. That’s because these expressions, if performed very frequently–and over the course of our lives, they all are, from total misery (we feel you) to ecstatic bliss (you go girl!)–can reduce your skin’s ability to get back to where it once was.

How to Get Rid of Dehydration Lines Under Eyes

(0. Stop scrolling through TikTok ‘til 2am)

I know, I know. But if under-eye lines are, ahem, possibly being caused by too little sleep, step zero or one is going to have to include getting a little bit more of it which, sadly, may mean less time for social media in the late-evening-early-morning-your-alarm-clock-is-going-off time period. That whole blur of time between TikTok’s latest iteration of “Hold on! You’ve been scrolling for…”

So there’s that.

1. Exfoliate

You can exfoliate your dehydrated skin under your eyes gently to promote the growth of new cells. It can also lock in moisture and make your skin more elastic.

However, it’s essential to make sure that you use only the specially made products to massage or exfoliate the area under your eyes. You don’t want to use a product that contains harsh chemicals as it can damage your eyes or blur your vision.

2. Use Moisturizing Eye Cream

As mentioned, the dehydration lines appear because of the lack of moisture. You can use eye moisturizing cream to promote new cell growth and blood circulation. According to studies, you can use products that contain hyaluronic, peptides, and retinol for this purpose.

3. Eat a Balanced Diet

Some of the most commonly used ingredients in skincare products are Vitamin E, A, and C. Consider eating a diet rich in these vitamins to improve your skin.

These vitamins promote new cell growth and offer numerous other benefits to your overall health. In addition, studies show a strong link between firm skin and a balanced diet.

You can also eat different vegetables, such as pumpkins and carrots, and citrus fruits, such as oranges, lemon, and grapefruit, to consume more amounts of these vitamins.

4. DIY Methods

You can use simple grocery store ingredients to treat dehydration lines. For example, according to a study, aloe vera gel can reduce the appearance of fine lines significantly. It can also hydrate your skin and provide it with collagen if you apply it directly to your skin.

Egg membrane can also reduce fine lines by allowing your body to produce more collagen. You can apply both these ingredients directly to the skin under your eyes.

5. Topical Vitamin C

You can also use topical vitamin C to hydrate and plump your under-eye skin to reduce the appearance of dehydration lines. A study shows that topical vitamin C allows your skin to retain moisture and decrease the TEWL (Transepidermal Water Loss).

Vitamin C can also increase the production of collagen III and epidermal thickness. So not only does vitamin C increase your skin’s elasticity, but it also contains hydrating properties.

6. Facial Exercises

You can also try specific facial exercises to tighten the skin under your eyes. There is no side effect of doing any facial exercise in moderation. It’s believed that face yoga can help you treat fine lines. You can also experiment with face rollers and gua sha.

7. Cosmetic Procedures to treat Dehydration Lines

Lastly, you can use some cosmetic procedures to treat dehydration lines under your skin.

  • Dermal fillers (volumizes and hydrates skin)
  • Botox (reduces wrinkles, muscle movement)
  • Microdermabrasion (renews skin tone and texture)
  • Lasers (removes a fine layer of skin to reveal beauty below)
  • Microneedling (encourages collagen and elastin production)
  • Chemical peels (from mild to severe, removes a layer of aged/lackluster skin)

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