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8 Ways to Grow Healthier Nails Naturally

by Ashley Johnson

You just got your hair done and it looks stunning. But what about those nails at the tip of your fingers? Those babies need some love as well.

Whether you’re a party person or a business executive, your nails are one of the first few things that most people typically notice about you.

Taking care of your nails is relatively simple and inexpensive compared to your hair and skin. With these eight easy-to-follow tips, you can start growing healthy nails naturally before (or even without) scheduling that manicure appointment.

How to Get Healthier Nails Naturally

1. Moisturize Your Cuticles

Cuticles are there to protect the nail beds from fungal and bacterial infections. Cutting them down or pushing them back forcefully not only damages them but also puts your nails at risk of permanent damage. You have one job;) : keep the nail beds hydrated. That’s it. Moisturizing them will provide the cuticles with essential nutrients and makes the nails grow healthy and stronger. Any organic cuticle oil will do fine. Use it daily, and you won’t have to lose your nails to chipping, cracking, and breaking.

2. Trim Your Nails

You should trim your nails regularly. Well-trimmed nails are easier to manage; this helps keep them healthy and reduces the chances of breaking or snagging. Schedule your trimming routine according to the growth rate of your nails. Rub the edges of the nails with a fine file for a smooth finish.

3. Brush Them Off

You should brush underneath your nails to get rid of the dirt and other particles from there. But most of us end up with a gap between the nail and nail bed by scrubbing improperly with the wrong tools. Unfortunately, this opens the door for fungal and bacterial infections that will give you a hard time. Instead, use a soft and simple nail brush and scrub gently over the fingertips to avoid hurting your nails.

4. Use Dish Gloves

It’s challenging to have healthy skin and nails if your bare hands are frequently immersed in warm soapy water daily. Even strong nails dry out and grow weaker over time if we don’t protect them. It is advisable to wear dish gloves to protect hands and nails from potential damages.

5. Consider Supplementing With Biotin

It may have something to do with biotin deficiency if you can’t seem to grow strong nails despite taking the best care of them. Lack of this vitamin B often results in brittle nails that peel and break off more easily. You can take biotin daily as a dietary supplement to strengthen your nails. This works by increasing the thickness and hardness of the nails to make them naturally healthy and strong.

6. Say Goodbye to Nail Polish!?

Your nails deserve a break now and then to enjoy their natural state. Use an acetone-free nail polish remover to get rid of the polish.

7. Eat Health(ier) Foods

You are what you eat. So are your nails. There is no particular recipe for growing healthy and strong nails. Follow a complete rainbow diet that includes fruits and vegetables, fish, avocado, seeds, whole grains, sweet potato, eggs, and lean mean. For better results, cut down on alcohol and refined sugars.

8. Watch for Infections

Bacterial infections appear in the form of swelling, redness, and pain, while fungal infections are elusive in nature. Most cases of infection are not serious and can be treated with a simple antifungal ointment. However, you may need to take prescription medications if things don’t get better.

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